Hope: A Poem by Jana Marie Vicere

Once I wished upon a star,

But I knew my wish wouldn’t come true,

So it didn’t.


Once I prayed up to my God,

But I knew my prayers wouldn’t be answered,

So they weren’t.


Once I planned the perfect day,

But I knew my plans wouldn’t work out,

So they didn’t.


Once I hoped against all odds,

But instead of doubting, I believed,

So my hopes came true.



The teenage years are a tough transitional time for many. Together, we can help young people learn to embrace their uniqueness, build confidence, and express themselves in creative ways.  We can end the stigmas about mental health disorders and suicide.  Most importantly, we can make a difference.

The Jana Marie Foundation empowers young people, especially young women in their teens, to make positive choices, practice self-respect and maintain healthy relationships by providing opportunities for personal growth and self-expression.

Jana Marie Foundation dedicates its energy to creating educational programs to help empower young people, educate parents, caretakers and concerned adults about pressing topics of raising a teenager in today's high pressure society, and to raise awareness about suicide prevention.

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Since incorporation in February 2012, Jana Marie Foundation has devoted its energy to passionately setting up educational programming and scholarships to empower young people, especially young women, in the Centre County region. Find out how you can contribute to the future of young residents of Centre County through donations of money and time.


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