Power of Dialogue Discussion Questions and Action Plans

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There were lots of wonderful conversations that happened during our first Mokita™ Dialogue session!  Please take a look at the discussion questions that were used to prompt dialogue.  Consider using these to start a conversation at your home, at your work, or with your friends.

  1. How do you define respect?
  2. What are the signs that a critical/powerful dialogue is necessary?
  3. What will motivate you to have a critical/powerful dialogue?
  4. Think of a time that you were engaged in effective dialogue – what di dit feel like? What made it difficult? What made it easy? Did it lead to positive outcomes? If so, what were they?
  5. What keeps  you from being vulnerable?  What can you do to support your efforts in being vulnerable with others?
  6. What are your biases? What do you have to recognize or change within yourself that will allow you to enter a powerful conversation without your own identity getting in the way?
  7. Dialogue can lead to dispelling myths and stigma, finding common ground and igniting creativity.  Come up with one specific way that you think powerful dialogues could benefit our community? What can we do to create the conditions that will allow this conversation to happen?


Action Plan:

At the end of the dialogue, participants were encouraged to think about three objectives:

  1. Identify a crucial conversation that you need to have outside of your personal life. Maybe at work? Maybe in the community? What is the purpose for this conversation? What can get in the way of making it effective?
  2. How do you plan to engage in more dialogue, especially around those “elephant in the room” topics on a more personal level? Pick one powerful dialogue that needs to happen inyour own personal life. What do you need in order to begin this conversation? Start from common ground – waht do you have in common with the other person in this dialogue?
  3. Go out and commit RANDOM ACTS OF LISTENING!!! because practice makes perfect.